Brasil Piscis operates in 2 distinct branches of aquaculture:

1- Piscicultura (fish farming for human consumption). Explained below in Part 1

2- Ornamental lakes and pools (fish farming for social, recreational and commercial purposes). See below in Part 2

         Brasil Piscis is the company with the best services in the fish farming market in Brazil, we count on a large team of collaborators that will provide solutions for the producer through our consulting plans, projects and tailor-made products, our own products or from the best manufacturers worldwide, and as our service is always focused on you, you can still count on our after-sales service!

  • Consulting: Brasil Piscis is a solid company specialized in aquaculture and ecological systems, working with national standards of respect for the consumer and the environment, always bringing increased productive, financial, social, and environmental results to Brazilian aquaculture, aiming at its growth and professionalization.


  • Production system projects: With all the technology and knowledge, Brasil Piscis is a reference in carrying out projects of production systems tailored to the needs of each producer. Guaranteeing the perfect water quality of your productive system, bringing better feed conversion and decreasing the mortality of your production.


  • Product Design: Another great service provided by Brasil Piscis is the development of tailor-made products for our customers, these varying from tailor-made selection tables to biological filters, all to always exceed our customers' expectations.


          Brasil Piscis has specialists in developing projects and services for ornamental lakes and custom-made natural pools, aiming to innovate what nature promotes, turning dreams and expectations into reality with the best cost/benefit.


  • Projects and Assembly: Brasil Piscis develops customized projects for each client, according to their profile and the environment to be worked on. We can bring life and beauty to the most diverse spaces, open or closed, business, residential, gardens, bringing a piece of nature into your life, bringing harmony and well-being.


  • Technical Visit: One of our professionals will visit the site of the lake or natural pool and take care of it so that it will be working again with crystal clear water, health and comfort for the animals, and safety for the customer.


  • Maintenance: Brasil Piscis provides the option of professional monitoring for our clients who do not have the time or experience to perform the necessary care for their pond or pool, maintaining the beauty and softness in their environment, making it pleasant.